Sunday, December 14, 2008

Happiness from color

If there any things that make me happy, besides my family, friends and would have to be color, texture and music. I love music for how it lifts my mood. I love how my kitty Sadie is soft and furry, but yet her fur is cool and calming while she is warm and cuddly.

Colors lift my mood a lot. If I am not feeling so hot, I might put on an outfit that is lavendar (my favorite color), or something with a cozy color. I tend to go for the nonprimary colors first, then the pastels, and finally the primary colors. The colors I chose for these layouts are considered warm to me even if they might be in the cool pallate. The richness of them make me settle and relax.

The first layout was inspired by a layout my sister did awhile back. Thanks Jacquie! Thanks for looking

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Cheers to my DD on her 2008-2009 wrestling debut!

I bring to you a sweet layout that I did of my Dear Daughter when she was a wee babe. I made this with some Artic Frog that I was given free rein to create with over at Scrap Attack Scrapbooking Online store

Special cheer out to my DD who is having her first wrestling match tonight of the season. She is such a little thing, but she is strong and determined. I have seen her on the mat with the team...she goes for it! I just want her to win...even ONE match this year!

I wonder sometimes about blogging. Sometimes it feels like something I have to do instead of something to do. I do it at work a lot and that is not always the best idea. It is always on my break or lunch hour. Right now I am chomping on popcorn and drinking tea (already had my soup).

Going to participate in the 12 Days OF Christmas Crop Over at Scrap Attack Scrapbooking. It is already going on. It started on 12/1/08, goes through 12/12/08, with a deadline for submissions of 12/15, and consists of a lot of fun challenges and cool prizes from a random drawing after the 15th of December.