Sunday, August 9, 2009

Where has the summer gone?

Whoa! I looked at the calendar today while I was getting groceries and I was just amazed...August is almost 1/2 gone. Even though my kids do not start school until the day after Labor Day, it seems like the summer has just spun away from me. I look back and it has been so fun so far...but going too fast...only too soon I will be coming home in the dark and ready to crawl in my flannel jammies at 5pm. But it should be a great rest of the summer and the fall is always pretty nice in MN.

We are going up north next weekend. I am taking both kids and Holli's friend and Ian's girlfriend up for the weekend. Wonder how that will be hanging out with a bunch of teenagers for the weekend? They are all behaved well though so I do not have much to worry about there...I hope to take them all to Lake Itasca to see the beginnings of the Mississippi River...Neither friend coming along has been there!
(On a Scrappy note, I found some NEW Earth Love by Cosmo Cricket at a local LSS and I snapped up a few goodies from them and made a CUTE chipboard mini album with it, about--you guessed it--Up North, that I will share after the weekend up North!)

Dave is staying home because he is not sure if his back can tolerate the 4 hr drive. I feel for him! His bulging discs are a real concern and he is on bed rest for 2 more weeks. He said the doctor said that if he has no improvement in 2 weeks on Steriods, then they are looking at surgery. I am like, what? I totally asked him if I could come to the next doctor appt. I need to know what the next steps are as Dave has a hard time with all the medical speak...or maybe he is just making it sound not-so-bad for my sake. Not sure. I will definitely be there though so I can hear things with my own ears.

As for my layouts...I went through the longest scrappy drought in a long time...almost a month without doing ANYTHING. I went to a crop and put together some good little layouts that fueled my scrappy happiness. I pulled out some older October Afternoon for 2 of them and some Collage Press for the Sweetie Pie one...along with my favorite little Sassafras paper...I only have a little snippet of that deer/groundhog paper left and I love it so much, I will be looking for a little bit more! TFL! Have a great week! Love and Hugs! Lara