Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas card craze

So I am still in a Christmas card-making frenzy. I made a whole bunch of cards this past weekend. Love making them but it is almost like a disease...when I get going I cannot stop. I even found about 20 cards that were not used from last year. When I was with my mom the week before Thanksgiving, she bought a sweet paper pack from K and Co and split it with me. Let me tell you, the paper is so inspiring that I could not stop making them. I love the feel of a big solid card so I matted and double matted some of the cards. Nothing flimsy about them. I used up a bunch of my stash.

I also had some old(er) Cosmo Cricket that is the browns and maroons and I used that for some really pretty up at the cabin/woodsy feel cards. Oh, and during a Christmas past, I had to have all of the Sandylion Kelly Pannaci stuff and all of it, especially the chipboard and stickers came in handy.

Sorry for the pictures being somewhat fuzzy. It is dark at night when I get home and I was trying to load these. My mom is making her cards and we use each other for inspiration. She turned me on to some fun stuff...12x12 grunge board. Can you believe that I had not seen it. Well, while she was here, we spent a bit of time at our LSS using one of her Christmas tree dies. I inked it and glittered and flocked it. I picked up some doilies at the dollar store...80 of them for $1. What a bargain. We used those on some of our cards. Love the delicate look of those. The cards above have the doilies and the cool grunge tree on it.

My final card pic is using the sweet paper that my sis sent me, just because last Friday. It is by Collage Press, Joyride. sorry for the fuzzy picture but I think it highlights the sweetness of the colors. It is awesome. The colors are fabulous. I made this card for this month's card swap. The colors make me think of Christmas candy and chocolate this stuff. Got to go. Love and hugs. Lara

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I'm lovin'

Randy from Say Yes to the Dress
...a few things today. (No layouts to post but it is so dark when I get home that I have not been able to photograph anything I have gotten done...which is not much).

My parents have been here since last Friday and staying to Sunday. On Saturday, my mom and I made the rounds of M's, J's, and A's and had so much fun looking at stuff and buying goodies. This Friday I took off so that we can spend it together.

My mom is a great cardmaker and we are going to get some goodies from a local spice shop (Penzey's--going to have to look for the D---weed that Cathy Z posted a few months ago from there--LOL) and then I am taking her to the Scrapbook Shop of St. Paul (see link on the side)...where I know she will love it...the decor, the ideas and inspiration are abound and the owner, Rhonda, my dear friend is so much fun to be around.

So here is my today list of "loves":

That my son organized and put on a blood drive at his school today all by himself, and he just texted me that he donated (he had my permission at 16) and felt good doing it physically and emotionally/mentally--I mean, those needles are huge and can scare the bejezes out of people.

I won on the October Afternoon Blog this week...some of their cards...So happy about that, I have NEVER won on a blog before so that was cool.

I love to watch "Say Yes to the Dress'. Am totally addicted and since I have been married almost 16 years, my husband (and myself) are wondering what I would want to spend my time watching it...but I cannot help myself...I think when we turn 25 yrs, maybe I will buy a prettier wedding gown than my 200$ Sears special I bought all those years ago.

I am so lovin' that my parents are here. Hanging with my mom and dad is awesome and I better get my fill this weekend before they head to Texas for 3 see my sister and be where it is warm. My dad hung a HAM radio antenna in my backyard and they are coming over for dinner friday and dinner saturday and a whole lot of shopping/visiting during the day. We are having our family Christmas together lots to love!

Got to get to work. Love and hugs. Lara

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Webster's Pages Christmas

I visited the Southern Scrapbooking Expo this weekend in Owatanna MN. I actually did not "visit" it as much as work it with my friend Rhonda, who owns "The Scrapbook Shop" in Circle Pines, MN, on Friday and Saturday. It was quite an event. I met some seriously fun and creative ladies this weekend, and eventhough I am wiped out from it, I was glad that I helped her work it.

Rhonda brought tons of goodies from her store. She brought a paper line that I just loved and have been coveting since she got it in. It was the new Christmas line from Wenster's Pages. It is seriously gorgeous stuff. I could not help myself so I got 2 sheets of it, and inspired not only by the paper, but also by the creative groove at the convention, I went home and created 2 layouts on Friday night, to display at the booth on Saturday.

This layout, includes a hand cut tree from the opposite sheet of the background, of the 2 that I bought. I glittered it up with Stickles and hand cut out the little deer on the background paper so that the deer could be "on top" of the glittered tree.

This layout was with the leftovers of the sheet that I cut the tree out of. Not too much to work with, but somehow, in handcutting the tree, I was able to save the big cream block with the light "Magical" lettering on it. I was able to increase the visibility of it by adding a little Stickles to that too. I made the presents with the back side of the tree paper and put some rubons over the ribbon for a little dimension and to add a Christmas feel to it.

So I know, it is not Christmas, but when one finds such beautiful, inspiring papers, one has to work with them right away. There is no stopping me when I see something and have an idea. I get bit by the creative bug and have to go with it when it happens. Have a great week. Love and Hugs, Lara

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Making something out of nothing

the subtitle of this post could also be toilet paper roll stealer. Just a little post about being green (er). See below:

Recently, I have been in the "covering" mood. I want to cover everything. I could chalk it up to being just tired of storing my scraps or just because I like making everything pretty. I got this idea from a label printer at work. One of our secretaries was refilling the label printer and had this nice sturdy cardboard roll. She was just going to throw it away and I had this bright idea to keep it and make something of it.

The cardboard roll posed a bit of a problem though. One could cover it all you want but you could not have a bottom in it. Well, I fashioned a circle about 1/4 inch bigger than the diameter of the base with card stock, cut little slits in the circle, all the way around and then glued the slits to the inner side of the roll. Then I thought, that card stock will not hold up to office tools, such as pens, scissors, and other pointy stuff. So I made a circle with transparency just slightly smaller than the inner diameter of the roll and put messy clear glue all over it and pressed it into the bottom of the roll.

I still was not happy with the inside so I then sprayed the heck out of it with glimmer mist to cover the word advertising that is in the inside of the roll. You can still see the outline, and I suppose one could paint the inside but I chose not to. The whole idea for me is to make it look re-purposed.

I then picked out some pretty papers that I have some of, with embellies, that I thought might look nice, and better yet, be able to use the scraps for something besides cards. The first one I made is the one with Bo-Bunny "No place like home one".

I have since branched out. The short squat one is a duct tape roll, that I found empty under my son's bed when I cleaned his room last week. I thought this was more shallow and could be used on a desk, holding paper clips or something like that.

The final one is the key to the toilet paper roll hint above--the one with the Daisy D's Paper and the 2 Prima flowers on it. At my LSS, they have these large TP dispensers in the restroom and when the roll is empty, it yields a nice large roll to make this project. I did ask the owner, my good friend Rhonda, if I could just take it, and after she looked at me funny, she said yes. {I think she will be the FIRST person to get one of my "green" projects--after all, she paid for the TP, roll and all}...LOL

The best part of it was that when I visited the store yesterday afternoon was at the right time, and the roll was empty again. I took that roll, which she said of course "by all means"...and made a comment about how she went through so much TP when she has Friday night crops. Not so good for her, but good for me. He-he!

So that is my rendition of making something out of nothing. I would like to put a disclaimer in here though, I will NOT be visiting many restrooms, taking paper rolls out, UNLESS they are empty. The whole idea is to be aware of your surroundings and if there is a good opportunity, take it. I hope I get beyond the covering everything phase, and move on to scrapping something once in awhile, but until then, keep your eyes peeled for empty rolls for me! LOL Love and Hugs, Lara

Friday, November 6, 2009

Over-The-Top Cards

I have wanted to do a post about over the top cards for quite some time. I have viewed some pretty amazing cards over time, online and in magazines and I would love to be that creative but alas, everytime I try to make them over the top and amazing, it falls short, in my opinion. I have tried to just put it out there but never quite get to the amazing card, but I gave it a shot with these 3. TFL.

Cardstock: Stampin' Up; Patterned Paper: Cosmo Cricket; Letter stickers: American Crafts; Metal Charm: Making Memories; Paper lace: Doodlebug Design; Glimmer Mist: Tattered Angels; Jewels: Heidi Swapp; ribbon: craft supply

So there is my rendition of the Over the Top cards...pretty simple, but the best I have got. I wish I could put them out there, but I guess I just have to think, would all that stuff actually fit in an envelope anyway?!! LOL! Love and Hugs, Lara

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

recent layouts

Just a little layout marking my daughter's first Homecoming dance. She was all excited to go and it proved to be a good time for her.
Patterned paper: Lily Bee; Prima: Flowers; Stamp: Stampin' Up; Letters: American Crafts; Flower center stickers: Making Memories, Michaels; Brads: unknown; Butterfly sticker: K and Company; Date sticker: American Crafts; Rubons: Creative Cafe; Ribbon: LSS.

Just a little Cosmo Cricket goodness and most importantly, some precious pictures scrapped of my son with his Great Grandparents.

Patterned paper, chipboard, journaling spot: Cosmo Cricket; Ribbon: craft supply; Liquid glass: Close to My Heart

This is just a layout of my dear daughter, showcasing how special she is!
Patterned paper: Lily Bee; Chipboard: Pink Paislee; Sticker, Foam letters: American Crafts; Rubons: Creative Cafe, Making Memories; Lace: Joann's.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hello November--Goodbye Halloween for this year!

Everyone is recovering in this house from the past week. I, in my post-cleaning craze and putting on a Halloween party to teenagers, to having more teens sleep over in one weekend than ever before, am shot. DD had 5 kids over for the party, after having a friend stay over the night before and DS had 3 boys come over yesterday, go to a Halloween party at his girlfriend's house and then Hubby went and picked them all up at 1am and those boys stayed over. I am shot.

I have ONLY got groceries and picked up from last night's party, dealt with DD breaking up with her boyfriend and just being worn out. I think it will be fun to get back to work tomorrow. This past week of staying at home has got me tuckered out.

I always guage my stay-at-home vacations on what I accomplish as I know it is hard to get it all done during the week when there are other things I need to do like eat, sleep and work. SO for this week: grocery shopped several times, cleaned (gutted) 2 teens' rooms, cleaned my entire house, did oodles of laundry, made a calendar for a class at the LSS, made many cards, made 4 layouts and drove teens here, there and everywhere, oh, and handed out candy to the masses last night while hosting said Halloween party. I would say that I got a lot accomplished and tonight, supper is hot roast beef sandwiches, and I am going to kick back and watch the Vikings game--got to see them kick the Pack's bootie. SO I am signing off.

The pictures are of the many costumed teens we had over last night. Teens...hmmmm, such interesing costumes.

I really liked blogging more this week and hope to catch it several times every week. Love and HUGS, Lara

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Day 4-the last of the card saga

I made it 4 days this week blogging. I skipped a day secondary to being a kind soul who performed magic on my two teens' room this week. Six bags of junk/garbage and lots of dirty laundry and mismatched socks later, they can see their floors. I know most moms do not clean their teens' rooms but I just had to do it. I could not stand it anymore. I am sure if the "Clean Sweep" ladies or the other 'bless this mess' reality shows would have had a hayday in there but it is done and NOW, if I EVER have to do it again, I have told them in no uncertain terms that I would sell their Xbox and Wii and keep the money. HAAAA to them.

So here are some cards that I made. Nothing too flashy. I just love the little critters I got in a stamp set by American Crafts and had to put them on a friends card. The "thinking of you" card is one I have made variations of for years. I know it is nothing new to most who make cards but I would have to say that I love the look and somehow, the lighthouse is very serene and sedate and suits a sympathy card just fine. The sunshine card is a happy card for me. I love the Sassafras paper and again, I used a 6x6 pad to make this card.

Tomorrow, I hope to blog again. I hope to show some recent layouts that I have done as that is my true passion, scrapbooking. Cards are a fun fast creative fix for me, but there is nothing as creatively satisfying as a good layout to make me sleep well tonight.

Lastly, the reason I missed blogging earlier, I went to a "Donate Life Symposium", because, for those that know me, I am a liver transplant coordinator. Did you know that there are over 104,000 people on the US Transplant waiting list, and more are being added every day. On average, about 12,000 people are transplanted each year, so you can imagine the importance of considering becoming an organ donor. Sadly, too, only about 1% of ALL organ donors (designated on their driver's license or registered donors) have viable organs. THat is sad. In Minnesota, only 56% of all persons over the age of 18 are designated donors. If we brought that to 75%, we could make a HUGE impact on that list. So for all of you who are considering donating, giving the GIFT of LIFE could be the last great thing you could do for someone else. I made a promise to myself personally and professionally today to spread the word, so I am starting tonight! God Bless! Love and Hugs. Lara

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Day 3--Christmas Cards on a budget

And now, for the next line that I thought was adorable, Basic Grey Eskimo Kisses. I think that it was the little houses and deer on this line (not shown in these cards) that got me.

We are all on a budget right?...of some sort and I have been trying to limit my paper craft items because, frankly, I could just buy and buy and never be able to use it all. I tried to be wise about my spending and what I need. I believe that I said yesterday, with all the Christmas lines being so incredible, I could buy it all and never use it all

For these 3 cards I used for these items: 1 12x12 piece of cardstock, 3 6x6 pieces of paper, 3 buttons, supply floss (leftover from my wedding flowers), 1 8.5 x11 white cardstock (which was for the punched sentiment journaling spot), stamps and ink. How important is this? Well, for someone on a budget, one could definitely do well by buying some cardstock, a 6x6 pad and using craft supply items to make a bunch of cards. The 6x6 pad alone, with 36 sheets could make a bundle of cards.

I won't go into the math because, well frankly, I hate math (LOL) but one could pretty much make 36 cards (or more) for 10-15 dollars depending on what/where you bought your items. I know that does not rival buying a cheapo box of premade cards at Target or Walmart, but these are handcrafted, special gifts that your loved ones will appreciate. I love to card make and scrap but I also love to be spendythrifty too! Love and Hugs. Lara

Monday, October 26, 2009

Day 2--Jump on Christmas Cards

There are some really lovely Christmas lines out there lately and I want so many of them that I could go broke buying all of them.

I tried to be choosy. I was drawn to the classic beauty of the Making Memories "Mistletoe", and the cardinals were a clincher for me.

Every year, my husband's family exchanges ornaments for Christmas. It is a game that we play when we are together for Christmas. My inlaws live up in northern Minnesota where there are beautiful cardinals visiting their bird feeders while we eat dinner, so that cardinal ornaments are ALWAYS hits. So naturally, the MM cardinal paper draws me in.

For my second selection, I chose with my love of color and cute factor. First up we have Cosmo Cricket's Holly Jolly. Who could NOT love this cute sweet line. I fell in love with it when I took their Winter minibook class here in MN, at the ScrapBook Shop of St. Paul in September, and I knew that I would be including this in my card making mania that I get into every Christmas. I love the cute whimsical patterns and then the song paper is something that I love for any card.

Every year, when I get started Christmas cards, I get stuck (on) making them and I have to break the cycle with a layout or two but I just love making them and sending them worth the time and energy to do it! So tomorrow, I wanted to talk about cardmaking on a budget. Love and hugs! Lara

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Day 1--Cards

Ok everyone, I am trying to challenge myself to blogging more so I am going to try and do it 4 times this week, if possible/if not more. So here goes.

So my obsession lately is cards. I recently started entering a card swap at my local LSS and it has gotten me into making cards, assembly line style, so that I can share with the others that join in the swap. It has boosted my talent for finding a design that I have enough supplies for, as well as a card that I can easily assemble more than one at a time. It seems hard sometimes, but I have found that I use more scraps, from the same paper and that I will use what I cut up.

I also find that I am using my punches more and that alone, is nice for me, since I bought these things and there is no sense in having them sit on the shelf. My favorites right now are the scallop one from Stampin' Up and the Upper Crest from Fiskars. I am also using my Slice more and more. I mean, who has enough of the same (or similar) journaling spots? I got rid of my circle and square punches at a LSS garage sale, so I am using the slice for that too. The nice thing about the Slice is that it makes designs in 1/2 inch increments, which makes for easy layering/matting of objects that I want to emphasize.

Patterned paper: Cosmo Cricket; rickrack: FancyPants; Button: American Crafts; Cardstock: Die Cuts With a View.

Patterned paper: K and Company, Foof-a-la; Journaling spot: K and Company; Stamps: Stampin' Up; Ribbon: craft supply; Gel Pens: Target; Ink: Stampin' Up.

So here I am on a card making binge. Tomorrow I will show you why I get stuck making cards. Once I start Christmas cards,(and I HAVE started them) I cannot stop. See you then. Love and Hugs! Lara

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Cosmo Cricket loved it!

It was a fluke really. I have been in love with everything Cosmo Cricket lately...see one of my earlier posts. I even signed up for a minibook class at the Scrapbook Shop this last week, taught by the one and only Julie and Lindsay from Cosmo Cricket. The mini book was just adorable and Jolly By Golly is such an adorable line that screams...HELLO, I am here, come and get me! Such cute stuff.

So on to my title! As a favor to my dear, sweet friend, Rhonda, who happens to be the owner of the Scrapbook Shop, I brought in some layouts and a minibook made up in my favorite muse...Cosmo Cricket. I did not make these layouts JUST for the store or just because they were coming...I frequently bring new layouts in to the store for displays of newer products.

Well, the minibook, seen below (and the cover, above), is the book I did with Cosmo's Earth Love. While I was taking the class, Rhonda showed it to Lindsay and Julie and they loved it. Lindsay wanted to take it with him, and Julie, wise and sweet, said no, but asked to photograph it. They want to post it on their blog. I said of course they could post it. I did not want to let it go...I really love it and want it to stay with me...well, after it gets its share of viewing at the Shop. So here it is. I just have to say...that I love this little thing and that Going Up North is the best!

So, needless to say, I am super excited about it. TFL. Love and Hugs! Lara

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Where has the summer gone?

Whoa! I looked at the calendar today while I was getting groceries and I was just amazed...August is almost 1/2 gone. Even though my kids do not start school until the day after Labor Day, it seems like the summer has just spun away from me. I look back and it has been so fun so far...but going too fast...only too soon I will be coming home in the dark and ready to crawl in my flannel jammies at 5pm. But it should be a great rest of the summer and the fall is always pretty nice in MN.

We are going up north next weekend. I am taking both kids and Holli's friend and Ian's girlfriend up for the weekend. Wonder how that will be hanging out with a bunch of teenagers for the weekend? They are all behaved well though so I do not have much to worry about there...I hope to take them all to Lake Itasca to see the beginnings of the Mississippi River...Neither friend coming along has been there!
(On a Scrappy note, I found some NEW Earth Love by Cosmo Cricket at a local LSS and I snapped up a few goodies from them and made a CUTE chipboard mini album with it, about--you guessed it--Up North, that I will share after the weekend up North!)

Dave is staying home because he is not sure if his back can tolerate the 4 hr drive. I feel for him! His bulging discs are a real concern and he is on bed rest for 2 more weeks. He said the doctor said that if he has no improvement in 2 weeks on Steriods, then they are looking at surgery. I am like, what? I totally asked him if I could come to the next doctor appt. I need to know what the next steps are as Dave has a hard time with all the medical speak...or maybe he is just making it sound not-so-bad for my sake. Not sure. I will definitely be there though so I can hear things with my own ears.

As for my layouts...I went through the longest scrappy drought in a long time...almost a month without doing ANYTHING. I went to a crop and put together some good little layouts that fueled my scrappy happiness. I pulled out some older October Afternoon for 2 of them and some Collage Press for the Sweetie Pie one...along with my favorite little Sassafras paper...I only have a little snippet of that deer/groundhog paper left and I love it so much, I will be looking for a little bit more! TFL! Have a great week! Love and Hugs! Lara

Friday, July 31, 2009

heel-toe-heel-toe and CHA CHA CHA!!!!!!

JUST A PICTURE OF "ME LIKEY"---because, well, ME Likey! LOL

Ok, so it is a corny title...but I wanted to put the CHA CHA CHA in there...OMGoodness, have you seen what is coming out for this summer's CHA?! WOWSER, there is a list that is getting longer by the minute for pocketbook is already saying {OUCH}. I would like to mention my picks for what I really like from this season:

There is Sassafras with the NEW felties, the pretty fun paper lines, and OMGoodness...chipboard to match...I am in heaven--maybe even Hog's Heaven (you see I might just go home and get in the Sassafras spirit by playing with a little Hog Heaven--of which I only have a little left, and may be able to Squeak out a layout and a card).

Next on my list: Basic Grey. Well I have NEVER met a BG line that I did not like and this season is no exception...loving that Eskimo Christmas/winter line, and Indian Summer, and gosh, they are even putting out a Halloween line this year...WOW, cannot wait to touch and see the patterns in person!

Ok, So lately, Cosmo Cricket
is my number one go to products...I am not sure what the look is that I like so much but I know that it is a cross between the color combos and the kind of almost 70's/old kitschy look that I like the most. I love the new lines coming out and have already set aside some cha-ching for those lines--Earth Love and hte Boyfriend for sure!

To continue with my list: Lilybee Designs
has 2 new lines, Audrey and Vintage Poppy and I am loving the color combos so I just, well, just want them because of the colors! I will find them somewhere and get them for sure!

Last for today's list: Pink Paislee.I really like the stuff that PP has put out this season and I cannotw ait to see it in person. I think that these lines are very vintage-y and that is what is drawing my attention! I have been just drooling over some of the projects I have seen on line!

that is NOT all on my list, but after awhile, I think if you click on too many links, you get overkill and glazed over. I might some more goodies for my wishlist/must haves later in the week.

For all that have worked with me at SAS, today was my official last day as a DT member. It has been a good run and I really enjoyed the creativity of being on the team and being an unoffical leader for the website. I want to wish luck to the oncoming DT, from the changes that are happening with the website and the reorganization and additions in the creative challenges, it promises to be an exciting time at Scrap Attack!

Got to get to work so that I can get home and be SCRAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!Love and Hugs, Lara

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Crazy for Sassafras!

I am just loading up on Sassafras lately. I cannot get enough of this in my stash. I used to not like it as much...seemed too kid like...but it is so playful and bright and VERY versatile. I just wanted to share a little goody that I adore...and it is my DD on her birthday and she was hugging me so tight, as you can see...what more can a mother ask for, right?! Just sharing my little bits and pieces of goodness in my life and she is one of them. How blessed can a girl be?! TFL. Love and hugs. Lara

Monday, July 13, 2009

Bo Bunny "Calypso"--Be still my heart

Be Still My Heart...Yes, that is true. For July, and my final month as a SAS DT member, Some little goodies from Bo Bunny graced my doorstep. The colors of the CALYPSO line are amazing and super fun, especially for summer fun photos. I also really liked the Double Dot Cardstock from Bo Bunny that comes in all sorts of colors...the ones that worked so well for this line were the Brilliant Blue, Wasabi, and the Wild Berry Red, but they come in all sorts of colors. The cardstock is of thicker weight, and even though it is slightly textured, it has dots on it, making it look very textured on one side and on the other, it looks stone-washed. Let me tell you, the colors of this make my heart happy. I had so much fun with this paper line and I would like to think I wrapped up my final assignments using what I do best, color and texture! Be sure to check this line out and all the other little goodies that are in the Scrap Attack Scrapbooking online store. CHA is coming so it is promising that there will be lots of goodies and treasures showing up in the store!

So here are my little layouts.

I think that the colors reflect my happiness in my first design team gig and my love of color and I will always enjoy having the experience. TFL. Love and Hugs, Lara

Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy July

Well, the 4th of July is over. Hope everyone had a safe and happy weekend. I always look forward to the 4th. It is our Independence Day and a day to recognize how lucky we are that we have freedom and prosperity. I know our economy is not so good right now, but for the most part, we should be thankful that it is not worse than it is. I also want to say thank you to all of our service men and women who have and are fighting for our freedom! Without your sacrifice, we would not know the freedoms that we enjoy every day!

NOt sure how to switch gears from that. I spent the weekend enjoying a little crafty freedom. I was very productive. I was able to make some layouts for my last month at SAS and also just some crafty little treats just for me. I am going to tease you a bit about the DT layouts and make you wait, as I will need to finish up before I put the big reveal up. But here is a little taste of a few of the layouts that I did just for me with my own stash.

Just some goodness from Cosmo Cricket, Sassafras, Collage Press and some goodies from a SAS February kit. TFL. LOVE and Hugs! Lara