Saturday, September 19, 2009

Cosmo Cricket loved it!

It was a fluke really. I have been in love with everything Cosmo Cricket lately...see one of my earlier posts. I even signed up for a minibook class at the Scrapbook Shop this last week, taught by the one and only Julie and Lindsay from Cosmo Cricket. The mini book was just adorable and Jolly By Golly is such an adorable line that screams...HELLO, I am here, come and get me! Such cute stuff.

So on to my title! As a favor to my dear, sweet friend, Rhonda, who happens to be the owner of the Scrapbook Shop, I brought in some layouts and a minibook made up in my favorite muse...Cosmo Cricket. I did not make these layouts JUST for the store or just because they were coming...I frequently bring new layouts in to the store for displays of newer products.

Well, the minibook, seen below (and the cover, above), is the book I did with Cosmo's Earth Love. While I was taking the class, Rhonda showed it to Lindsay and Julie and they loved it. Lindsay wanted to take it with him, and Julie, wise and sweet, said no, but asked to photograph it. They want to post it on their blog. I said of course they could post it. I did not want to let it go...I really love it and want it to stay with me...well, after it gets its share of viewing at the Shop. So here it is. I just have to say...that I love this little thing and that Going Up North is the best!

So, needless to say, I am super excited about it. TFL. Love and Hugs! Lara