Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Job happiness

I just realized that I am really happy at my job. Well, not JUST realized, but I just want to convey how I feel like I have arrived in a place in my career that I have been working toward. That is not to say that I will not go further, but at this time and this place (the MPLS VA), I am happy here and love what I do and getting out of bed is NOT a hardship. That being said, of course, means that I must work (am typing on my lunch hour).

Other news, DH signed all of us up for a reflexology/pressure point class at his chiropractor. I think it is a good thing. DH for sure is NOT one to DO ANY THING for himself to make things better, thinks medicine should make him feel better, so having this be something he suggests, is a huge positive step. He even has DD going to Chiro for her neck/back and they are evaluating her condition--maybe she will feel better/sleep better--she does complain alot about aches and pains, so maybe it will help.

I will leave you with 1 small layout. I posted this the other night. IT is in honor of Torrie (our baby kitty), that we adopted 1 year ago this week and she looked SO rough, that we did not think that she would make it. She has fit into our family well (almost annoyingly so, if per my husband's description--she thinks Dave is the master/man/love of her life). TeeHEE! Congrats Honey, on your NEW girlfriend!

Got to go. I must do the job I love! Love and Hugs. Lara


laverneboese said...

i'm glad you like your job. I'm sort of dreading mine starting up again :( I love the layout. All the stamping and stickles are beautiful. I miss my kitty...he stayed with my mom when I moved out and now my boys are allergic to them :(

Kristii said...

What a great feeling to be happy at your job!! I totally Love your layout!!! Just fantastic!