Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Good Friday, Everyone

Well Today is Good Friday...the only day in the Catholic religion where Mass is not celebrated. IT is a very somber day. DD and I are going to church tonight though...they will read the Passion and clear the alter and that is very somber and eye opening to the sacrifice that Jesus made for our sins all those years ago.

I confess to not being a very good Catholic for many years, but recently, I feel the need to return and make myself a better we are going to church tonight, as I went last week and we will go again Sunday and hopefully every other one after that. I need the strength and peace that I get from going to church. Please do not judge me for my recitence in the past about church but I believe that God will take me back after straying away for awhile. I will just work harder to become more like him.

SO for anyone that read this, please may the peace and strength be with you on this beautiful day in April, on the eve of the sacrifice that Jesus made for all mankind, with his life for our sins. God Bless and Take Care. Love and hugs. Lara


Jacquie said...

I don't think anyone will judge how many times you went to church. Happy Easter

"Tornado" Terri said...

Lara, you're so sweet. I am like you and have strayed from church simply because I seem to cry everytime I go - something that happened after my son died I guess. It's just so hard to go anymore. I do miss it. Hey, I left you something on my blog so check it out the next time you post - check today's entry (4/29/09). :-)