Monday, June 1, 2009

Reflections on being on a Design Team

Well, here I am again, with good intentions about keeping up on my blog. There are so many other good things to do that I just cannot seriously be interested in sitting on the computer too much but it is good to put down my thoughts over the last year while being on the Scrap Attack Scrapbooking DT.

It has been a long, but fun-filled year. I say long in the fact that there are tons of things I am doing for tons of others, as well as working...I have my hands in quite a few pots at work alone. Sometimes, I feel like they are grooming me for something much bigger than I ever expected.

So last spring, I tried out for the SAS, of which there is another call going on right now. The first time I tried out, I did not get picked but shortly after that, there was another call and I re-submitted again. I remember this because my first entry was completed in Texas with awesome directions from my sister, Jacquie. She really helped me see scrapbooking and layouts in a whole new light. So when I did not get picked, I re-submitted, armed with a little bit more knowledge about making publishable layouts. I was much less confident though as I did not have her approval on these layouts, but I felt that they were some of the best ones I had ever done.

When I got picked, I was elated. I really thought I had sent in my best work and in my heart, it felt SOOOO good to have someone recognize it for as good as I felt it was.

So in the coming months, I started getting the monthly kits from SAS. These were handpicked by Lauri, the owner. Most of the time, it was really new product and pretty awesome things too. On occasion, I would get some products that I would not usually scrap with but I made them work. I think the best thing about being on a DT is that besides the free product kit, that I get to design MY OWN LAYOUTS and keep them in MY albums, it was the challenge of working with a certain amount of products and nothing else except a few essential scrappy staples. I really think just working with a set of products that someone else picks out for me keeps me from being in a rut...I HAVE to be creative. Truthfully, it has been one of the best experiences I have had in the scrapper/creative world, and ranks right up there with teaching a full class at my local LSS. I loved it and would do it again in a heartbeat. I have very little difficulty in putting together a kit, just a grab and go now, as I have gotten very good at working with what I have instead of getting sidetracked by all the possibities in my scrap haven.

I had never really gotten involved in an online message board before either. I lurked here and there, made some comments but not really too many. I think I have less than 200 posts on 2peas in 6 years...and less than 500 on Studio Calico (where at least SC people know of me). SAS MB is pretty fun. There are some pretty amazing scrappers that hang out there, and everyone is so nice, supportive, nonjudgemental and kind, not to mention funny...oh boy, well, I won't go there today. It is easy to fit in and be part of the crowd.

So that brings me to my final news, I am not reapplying for this upcoming DT call at SAS. If you are asking why, please see the reference to my life's work as a nurse for the answer to as why. I do want to encourage your to apply. If you are a seasoned scrapper or DT member, or if you are ready for a little jump, this is a great place to start! Give it a whirl!Here's the link again: SAS DT CALL. THe call closes JUNE 30, 2009 so there is still time to put something together! GO for it!

A little mention of the layout I posted. I was going to post one from the gallery at SAS from my initial entry to the DT but the one I want is missing in the gallery, not sure why, so I guess I will share something newerr. LOVE and hugs! Lara


wendipooh13 said...

Lara I always love seeing what you create and your talent!!! you are an amazing scrapper and love your work!!! you rocked as a DT member, sorry I haven't been around to see too much of it lately!! if you ever need a fun place to hang out on a message board you can check out Two spotted dogs!!! hope that you will keep up your blog so I can see your amazing work still!!!
have a great day

vtpuggirl said...

They were lucky to have you, lucky that you cared so much about making wonderful pages. Hope everything IRL turns out well for you. You are very talented, hope you will be around.

Denise said...

I agree with Danielle. They were lucky to have you. I am glad you had such a positive experience. That had to make it fun adnI am sure choosing not to reapply had to be a hard decision.

Love your layout! Love it!

Alecia Castro said...

Hey Lara, just wanted to say HEY and catch up on what you've been doing!! Hope you keep your blog too!! And for sure, you should check out the Two Spotted Dogs board!!

Lauri {Scrap Attack} said...

It's been great having you on the team Lara and hope things slow down for you so you can enjoy scrapping again! Thank you also for the sweet write up, that was very kind of you.

janis said...

this is really insightful lara, to one who has been on the dt to another who would like to give it a try. i'll put to heart your words, and if it happens that this one is for me (god willing!), i'll always think of you as my inspiration. ;o)

see yah at the SAS forum!