Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hello November--Goodbye Halloween for this year!

Everyone is recovering in this house from the past week. I, in my post-cleaning craze and putting on a Halloween party to teenagers, to having more teens sleep over in one weekend than ever before, am shot. DD had 5 kids over for the party, after having a friend stay over the night before and DS had 3 boys come over yesterday, go to a Halloween party at his girlfriend's house and then Hubby went and picked them all up at 1am and those boys stayed over. I am shot.

I have ONLY got groceries and picked up from last night's party, dealt with DD breaking up with her boyfriend and just being worn out. I think it will be fun to get back to work tomorrow. This past week of staying at home has got me tuckered out.

I always guage my stay-at-home vacations on what I accomplish as I know it is hard to get it all done during the week when there are other things I need to do like eat, sleep and work. SO for this week: grocery shopped several times, cleaned (gutted) 2 teens' rooms, cleaned my entire house, did oodles of laundry, made a calendar for a class at the LSS, made many cards, made 4 layouts and drove teens here, there and everywhere, oh, and handed out candy to the masses last night while hosting said Halloween party. I would say that I got a lot accomplished and tonight, supper is hot roast beef sandwiches, and I am going to kick back and watch the Vikings game--got to see them kick the Pack's bootie. SO I am signing off.

The pictures are of the many costumed teens we had over last night. Teens...hmmmm, such interesing costumes.

I really liked blogging more this week and hope to catch it several times every week. Love and HUGS, Lara


:: gingerkitty :: said...

thanks for sharing the pics.

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Denise said...

LOL! did accomplish a lot. Much more than I ever would accomplish in a month. No wait...a year. :o) Now you need some time for just you. That will happen soon, right? Does it ever happen for moms? :o)

The Vikings did awesome! I didn't watch, because I am convinced I jinx teams. However, I am thrilled we took the boo-ers down. :o)

vtpuggirl said...

Man, you know it was a rough weekend when you are looking forward to going to work. LOL :) Beautiful cards on the last post by the way!