Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I'm lovin'

Randy from Say Yes to the Dress
...a few things today. (No layouts to post but it is so dark when I get home that I have not been able to photograph anything I have gotten done...which is not much).

My parents have been here since last Friday and staying to Sunday. On Saturday, my mom and I made the rounds of M's, J's, and A's and had so much fun looking at stuff and buying goodies. This Friday I took off so that we can spend it together.

My mom is a great cardmaker and we are going to get some goodies from a local spice shop (Penzey's--going to have to look for the D---weed that Cathy Z posted a few months ago from there--LOL) and then I am taking her to the Scrapbook Shop of St. Paul (see link on the side)...where I know she will love it...the decor, the ideas and inspiration are abound and the owner, Rhonda, my dear friend is so much fun to be around.

So here is my today list of "loves":

That my son organized and put on a blood drive at his school today all by himself, and he just texted me that he donated (he had my permission at 16) and felt good doing it physically and emotionally/mentally--I mean, those needles are huge and can scare the bejezes out of people.

I won on the October Afternoon Blog this week...some of their cards...So happy about that, I have NEVER won on a blog before so that was cool.

I love to watch "Say Yes to the Dress'. Am totally addicted and since I have been married almost 16 years, my husband (and myself) are wondering what I would want to spend my time watching it...but I cannot help myself...I think when we turn 25 yrs, maybe I will buy a prettier wedding gown than my 200$ Sears special I bought all those years ago.

I am so lovin' that my parents are here. Hanging with my mom and dad is awesome and I better get my fill this weekend before they head to Texas for 3 see my sister and be where it is warm. My dad hung a HAM radio antenna in my backyard and they are coming over for dinner friday and dinner saturday and a whole lot of shopping/visiting during the day. We are having our family Christmas together lots to love!

Got to get to work. Love and hugs. Lara


:: gingerkitty :: said...

love your dress story!


vtpuggirl said...

Have fun with you family, enjoy the craft stores, and huge congrats to your son!