Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Off to Nashville

Being a government worker means that I get 3day weekends once in awhile for holidays. Yesterday was Columbus Day. SO that means NO bank, NO post office and NO work for Lara. YAY. I truthfully needed a day off though. My MIL came down for the weekend and SHE HELPED ME with some major tasks in our house.

We cleaned and arranged and sorted and got SO much done. I got closets cleaned, pantry and cupboards organized, bathroom organized, all furniture cleaned and cleaned under. We threw away loads of things, recycled a bunch. I love my house again. NOW I have to try and keep it that way.

I am off to Nashville in the morning for a 3 day Transplant Nursing conference at Vanderbilt University. I am looking forward to a bit of time to relax. I am bringing a little of scrappy stuff, in case the weather is rainy and I can make stuff from my hotel room. I will try and get out and see the sights as much as I can but a lot of the museums are closed by the time I get out of class.

I know the last time I brought scrappy stuff on a business trip, I did not use it and it was wasted space in my suitcase but maybe not this time. We'll see. I am bringing my laptop though so I can at least post and put pictures up.

The layout is from Last month's DT supplies at Scrap Attack Scrapbookingand I posted it because I packed last night and my sweet Sadie decided that she was going to nap on the closed suitcase on the living room floor. She hates it when I leave on a trip. I think she was trying to tell me "Mom, I am going to miss you...and you ARE NOT putting anything more in this suitcase...". Gotta love cats!

Have a great week! Love and Hugs, Lara


Lauri {Scrap Attack} said...

Have fun in Nashville and have a safe trip!! If you see Kenny Chesney, bring him back for me! LOL! Try and have a little fun between work! :)

Pat said...

Have a good time Lara!

Chris said...

love the layout

Jacquie said...

Have a great time!@

wendipooh13 said...

just love how your quilt page turned out!!! very cool.... glad you had a great trip