Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Luck of the Irish

I am not Irish. I am married to a Irish-Scotsman though and my kids are part Irish. We celebrate St. Patrick's Day like everyone else. We usually make Reubans--because NONE of us care for corned beef and hash. We always wear green and my son usually wears his green "Kiss me I'm Irish" tuxedo shirt for kicks, and I imagine, to see how many kisses he will get at school. My daughter will use her practiced Irish Brogue all day long, until we tell her to stop. I would love to say I am Irish, and they say, everyone is a little Irish on St. Patty's Day.

I sell some of my cards at a little gift shop down the street from me for a very modest fee. The ladies that run the shop, asked me for some St. Patrick's Day cards, as they pointed out that St. Paul is very Irish and they would be a hit. So I made a few a couple of weekends ago that I took to them. If they do not sell, I will send them to my favorite family members.

I am a simple person who makes cards for certain occasions and this was one of them that I struggled with a bit. I am not in to theme-y cards much, but I sure had fun pulling my green out and using my Irish-ness (HA! Who knew I had any?!) to make this little cards. I was pretty happy with the effect of all the green.

The adorable little pictures were a download from Vintage Scrapbooking blog. They did not print very well, and no matter how I adjusted the images, they came out slightly pixel-y (sure that is NOT a word) and a bit blurry but I wanted to use the adorable images so I did and found that even with less than great image, they turned out so adorable.

I find card-making so much fun, and while scrapbooking is my first love, cardmaking gives me a quick creative release. I sell my cards, not to make money, but what else am I going to do with them after I make them? There are only so many occasions to send people things but I need to keep making them, so I may as well spread my creativeness. While Hallmark I am not, I love getting a handmade card, so if there are people out there that would rather give a unique handmade card, then I plan to keep supplying them and that is NO BLARNEY! Happy St. Patrick's Day to you all. Love and hugs, Lara


Pam said...

Gorgeous cards! I would love to give or receive one of those. Thanks for sharing!

Jacquie said...

Top of the mornin' to ya! Great cards!

BabyBokChoy said...

Waaaaaaaaaaaaat? you don't like corned beef and hash?? What kind of non-Irish are you??? What's there NOT TO LIKE??????? Everything that is in me that is Irish is offended!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL
Great cards!!!!