Tuesday, May 6, 2008

All is well in the world today!

I just had the best time with my family. We enjoyed a nice evening out at Red Lobster and Target where we almost got asked to leave for having too much fun. No, seriously, we were just having fun at Target.

The award ceromony was today at work. I did not get either award. Yeah, I did get nominated for the Excellence in Nursing Award and the Preceptor of the Year. But someone more deserving got the awards. I saw the list of the people nominated and I felt honored to stand up next to them. There were some greats on that list.

I also did not get the DT spot that I tried out for. I am ok with that. I saw the entries of the people that got those spots and they had some pretty neat stuff. I am happy for them.

So one would think that today was a downer but it wasn't. Greatness isn't always about being recognized, sometimes it is about trying your hardest and feeling like you have accomplished what you thought you could do. I am fine with that. I can go to my hospital tomorrow and hold my head up high. I can continue doing the job that I have been doing and bask in the thought the nominations, and in the knowledge that someone besides myself, recognizes my hard work and dedication to my patients. That is enough.

As for DT, going to try again. GOing to try for whatever I want. I want to use my creative hobby for the best from myself and what better way to shoot for the stars than to submit again. It is good practice to push myself to put my work up to the next level.

And one final note, I am a winner with my family and that in itself is enough. They all love me and are proud of me and believe in me and my ability to be the best at whatever I do. WHO COULD ASK FOR ANYTHING MORE!

Besides, I got Studio Calico goodness in the mail today and it was like an early birthday present! How awesome is that. The kits are the best!Love and Hugs, Lara

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Jacquie said...

you are such a great person! You deserve all the good that comes to you! Love ya!