Monday, May 19, 2008

Back on a even keel

Ok, traveling out of the way, one set of parents (visiting) out of the way, clean house, back at work (feels like I never left), and just here. Time to get down to business. On with it.

I did not get any scrapping done this week. Felt not so good in Virginia. Mustv'e been something I ate. Better now though. Feeling great to be exact!

Going to scrap tonight though. Need to create. I got this cool mag last week at Barnes and Noble, by Scrapbooks, etc. about page sketches/plans and I am inspired to try some things out so up to the desk I go.

MIL was here and she saw my clipitup and she wants one so I told her about how I got it at Archiver's. Love that thing. Talk about organization at it's best. Hope she gets one and likes it. It keeps things out in the open and moderately organized, however, I admit that I tend to be hurried to get to the next project and just put things back in any old place on it. Going to have to take it down and reorganize again, gives me a chance to fondle my products and if I revisit them, I think I use more, cause I have viewed them more recently. I must tell you, I have used more things since I had it than when I did not! It is worth the $$ to buy it.

Have a great day! Love and hugs!

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