Tuesday, May 13, 2008

updates and birthday

Ok, so I should just sign in more often and get my things out in the open. A lot has happened since last week. First of all, last week I did not get the Nursing Excellence Award but found out on Wednesday that I tied for first and they had to send the nominations off to the head of the VISN to make the official decision. So needless to say, I got notification that I got a $$ award on my next check. Cool. $$ is always nice.

Well, then, I also turned 39 yesterday. Yeah I know. I was was treated by my hubby and kids to a GC from Joann's and some cool new DVD's of the 80's music videos of songs I love. How cool is that?! I cannot wait to watch them. It will be a hoot. I was actually trying to do the safety dance (by Men at Work) for my family last night, and they actually thought I had lost it. What?! WHAT?!!! What is wrong with that?! Just kidding.

Then my family took me out for Mexican at Ol' Mexico (Bet you saw that coming...). We had a nice meal, played TV trivia, had a great time as a family. And then we went home and played ROCKBAND (just got hta tfor the kids on the weekend). What a blast. I have determined that I can only sing (and not very well but surely better than the guitar or the drums, for heavens sake). A good time was had by all as they say. All in all, turning 39 was just like any other day but for the special times with my family. That made it great!

So now, I am heading out for Virginia tomorrow for a Transplant conference. 2 days away from home. Kind of fun. Will miss the family. I will get to see people that I connect with on a daily basis over the phone and email in VA transplant stuff so that will be nice. The people that I know do not know that I have lost a bunch (60+lbs) of pounds so I will be sharing things about that. I sure wish that I could be gracious. I have been stuck on the plateau for about 3 months, and not been losing anymore weight, so when people come up to me, instead of graciously saying "thank you", I find myself going off on a tirade/tirant about how I am stuck, still need to lose 20 lbs, etc. I just need to practice "Thank you, I have been working at it" or just "thank you". Yeah, got to practice that.

I have to finish work and get home to pack. I wasn't packed last night cause I was playing with my family. Now I need to get it going tonight but it should not be so hard since I only have to take 2 days worth of suits. I plan on taking some Studio Calico kit along for something to do. I was kind of thinking that a little kit work would be good for the soul. I have never taken any scrap supplies on these trips before and packing for it may be a challenge but it might be worth it.

Got to get back to work. Have good ones. Love and hugs, Lara

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