Tuesday, June 17, 2008

He's Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just a long week without number 1 child. Now granted, I had a fabulous time with my daughter, a little girl's week was good for us, but one always does miss the humor and all out guffaws of my son's presence in our lives and home. DS is the child who makes me laugh almost as much as my hubby does. Don't get him started on hairlips. you will have tears streaming down your face in no time.

Well, he has been in Guatemala since 6/6/08 building a house for Habitat for Humanity through school. I know {I "heart" this kid), for choosing to do this. What a wonderful experience for him. I just know that he is going to be changed in a good way from this. How? He left all--ALL--of his clothes in Guatemala for the kids there as he knows that clothes are really scarce there. WOW. Now granted, that is not a huge hardship as we bought a lot of that before he left at discount stores, but he didn't have to leave it there.

We were up until 230am as he did not get in until 1140pm and then the bus brought his back to the airport. He was so full of stories. I could not hear them all but I am sure that I will hear more tonight. I can't wait. He brought some lovely things back from there for all of his loved ones. Very thoughtful.

I cannot wait to get at his pictures. I am going to make a scrapbook for him of his trip....bet you never saw that coming (wink). I am going to try and make him journal though, as I was not there and do not have firsthand knowledge of the whole experience and since it will be his scrapbook, I want HIS memories in it.

Got to work today...bummer. LOL, yeah now, I have to work every day. Love and hugs!

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