Monday, June 2, 2008

Today is the day...

... that I take over my liver transplant job full time. No more procedures. Yay! I have no procedures to do in the morning and now I will not feel pulled in different directions. So far, worked pretty hard putting the mess on the desk straight.

Did some organizing at home this weekend too. Yes, I organized the clipitup and realized that I do not EVER have to buy a single thing again. I have so much crap on the clipitup that it is full, full, FULL! Loving that I revisited that stuff. I think that is important too as a person forgets what they have and then they (gulp) buy it again, forget and use something else when that certain something would have been just PERFECT, and too, as time goes by, those items get old (rubons don't work) or they are outdated and not as trendy as they were once.

So my vow is to avoid "saving" my stuff for that fabulous layout I dream of making someday, and using the stuff that I have on a day to day basis. I know that I hoard or at least save, cause I want it. Yeah, like the HS clear gels...I HAD TO HAVE IN all colors and have I a used a one? NOT A STINKIN' ONE, so here is to using those asap.

I made some cards on Friday. I just used the rest of the line of Cosmo Cricket. I wanted to keep using those scraps cause I liked the line and wanted to make sure I did not recycle that line before I used more of it. I was liberal with it also. Wanted to NOT SAVE as I have been doing. Turns out I made 10 cards and they turned out wonderful. Loving them. I will try and photo them and post them asap. Besides, I have another kit coming soon, so have to have room for that stuff too!

Got to work. Will revisit this site soon. Love and hugs.


Denise said...

You sound just like me. I really need to get organized and I am sure I will find things I needed in every color available and haven't touched. LOL!

Sharie said...

I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one saving stuff for that special project! Thanks for the encouragement to use what I have and stop saving it!

karen akaliz said...

i'm completely lost on the liver transplant. i hope you are well as that sounds serious. i don't mean that to sound like i'm trying to be funny. i don't know so i'll just shut up.

you're going to give away the spice rack? i'm just not that generous! so, good for you! you should check out'll make you use up your schtuff!!!

joanne (spagirl) said...

Oh my gosh! i still have original chatterbox room paper! it's still so pretty though! i am glad i am not the only one! and thanks for your comment... LOVE that mantra!!