Friday, June 13, 2008

I did it!

Just a little commentary on my morning. As you know, gas prices are through the roof. Yeah just a bit! Well, my hospital will pay for us to commute using buses and/or light rail, so like totally a good deal.

I left at 613 from my house, went to the park and ride about 3 miles away and boarded an express bus that takes me downtown Minneapolis. I walked 1.5 blocks to the light rail and hopped that for the VA. Yeah, ok, I got there at 713am (usually would start work at 730am so that is good).

On the way there, I realized that I had not planned this too well. THe morning express bus does not go back to where I am until afternoon. Ummm, decisions. GO into to work on my last day of vacation or find a way home. Well it is a given what I chose. I called MTC and they helped me plan a way home. It was relatively seamless. I got back to my car at 832 and home by 840am. That was about the amount of time it I had planned for this little exploration trip. So it is all good!

I think that it is pretty slick. Once I learn my way a little better, it might go easier. Looking forward to starting it on Monday. Kudos to MTC lady (Jeanette?) who helped me get back home without too much trouble.

Lessons learned: plan your trip well before you start. Print out all schedules for light rail. Carry the bus schedules with you (I had what I needed to get there though).

That is all for the day. I feel like an accomplished commuter already...well, maybe just a little bit accomplished. Time for breakfast, more coffee...need it, was up until 12am scrapping and then left the house early. And then on to more scrapping!


walesk said...

very cool! good luck on Monday :)

Jacquie said...

LOL Great job Lara! Way to commute!

vtpuggirl said...

Hang in there, you'll get it! Good for you for commuting!

Denise said...

Lara, isn't light rail awesome? I have taken it to go downtown to the Hollidazzle and other activities and am always amazed at the ease. Good for you on working this out. You will be saving lots of money!

Are you a nurse at the VA hospital on 55? I have a friend, who is a nurse there. The last time I saw her she was there I should say. Small world!

karen akaliz said...

hey, anything to save gas rocks!!! awesome lo too!