Friday, June 27, 2008

Reveal Night at Studio Calico and other stuff

Having a great day today. Have been really productive this week. Sent in 2 entries for calls that I wanted to attempt, which meant several layouts, emails about how wonderful of a scrapper I am (LOL), pictures, downloading the pictures, cropping them and loading them.

For anyone that knows me, I am a computer dumbhead. I can operate the computer system at work that we use for patient hospital records with my eyes closed, hands behind my back and can help someone over the phone--without having a computer in front of me, but when it comes to the good old windows, I stink. I actually have to go back and calculate mega vs kilo bytes in my head. This is something I would love to fix, but I feel like it is low on my list of priorities and if I give it more leverage, then something more fun will get bumped down. So I will just continue to muddle through and manage as I have been.

Tonight, it is Studio Calico's reveal night. I have a plan to stay up late for the add-ons. I want the second one I think, and so does everyone else it appears but I will give it a shot. Looking forward to that yummy kit when it gets here.

Tomorrow is my uncle's burial (My Godfather). I am going out there for the service with my brother, Tim. I thought that I would not bring the kids. The funeral was in January and I think, at least explaining it to DD, again, why we are doing it is too much. I think understated is better for this, and DD tends to get pretty worked up and I am not sure she really knew him at all. I am going more for my aunts, and dad, who cannot be there. They took the time to arrange this, so I want to be there.

I do plan on scrapping tonight and alot this weekend. Looking forward to it. I made a little altered item last night. It is a little wooden birdhouse that I covered in pretty paper. I will post it later. I cannot upload pics at this computer. Not much else to say. Kids and hubby are good. Love and hugs.


Anonymous said...

Lots of luck with the calls!!!!

Close To Home said...

yes good luck! I am trying to do some of that and it's a lot of work. I hope tomorrow goes well as it can be for you.

Kristii said...

Good luck with your entries!! You are an awesome scrapper!!
Love your work!!

vtpuggirl said...

Have a great weekend, can't wait to see the birdhouse! Very best of luck to you!