Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Happy day!

Today is a great day. A little tired from working until 11pm last night. Tomorrow is the same and then I decided after feeling so tired the last few days that I work full time and the 2nd job is going to have to find other nurses to fill in cause I can only do what I can do.

I got a real pleasant surprise yesterday. I will talk more about that later on. I feel like it is big news and a wonderful opportunity.

I want to get rid of that job anyway. The $$ is nice but you know, my kids are growing. I have about 3 and 5 years left with them until they are away at college and that is NOT LONG. I can work more after they are gone...probably going to have to to put them through college (DS wants medical school and DD wants veterinary school).

Tonight I am going to get supper for the family somewhere and then I am scrapbooking tonight. I got some Chatterbox goodness in the mail yesterday from http://www.scrapattackscrapbooking.com Yeah, some Artsylicious. Can't wait to play with that. I got some teal, green apple, red and brown flocked and foiled papers as well as some teal bling and green brads/crocheted flowers as well as some Scenic Route red alphabet from there. So loving it! Will post results after done.

Today the Farmer's Market starts here at our hospital. Every Tuesday from mid July through at least end of September, there is a Farmer's Market in our parking lot. Great produce, great options for green vegies for this dieter and I look forward to the Market every year! I will let you know what I get. Most likely cucumbers and perhaps baby squash! Got to get back to work. Love and hugs!


vtpuggirl said...

Best of luck with the jobs, that's always a tough decision. Have fun with your goodies tonight!

Kristii said...

Hope you have fun scrappin!!
Can't wait to find out what your big news is!!

Anonymous said...

Have fun with your goodies. Hope the job is understanding and finds someone to replace you quickly. Farmer's Market...yum.