Wednesday, July 2, 2008

just a little something

Just a little layout I made the other night. I thought it turned out pretty nicely. I really like the blue and yellow combo. It is acombo I do not tend to use very often but this turned out good. It is my hubby, my brotherinlaw and myself at dinner. THey were goofing off. It was a fun time. Isn't that what scrapping gives you? A chance to show what good times were when you had them...or at least through pictures.

I will try to be a better blogger. I tend not to post pictures too often and then when I really get a chance to write, it is usually on my lunch hour.

I am anxiously awaiting teh ScrapAttack Scrapbooking Design Team decision. I entered again. You would really like this online store. It has everything and it is not usually sold out. You can find them here: You should try them out. Oh, and right now, there is a discount on shipping through the rest of the week. I know it sounds like a shameless plug but it is really a good on-line store and I am pleased with the service. The message board is pretty nice too. Got to scrap. Love and hugs!

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