Sunday, April 6, 2008

A birth of a blog

I am trying to move into the 21st century with a blog. I can do this. I am not a technological geek nor can I proclaim that I can navigate anything other than windows. I mean, I have the clinical applications coordinator and the computer help desks at work on speed dial and THEY all know me by name. We even exchange Christmas cards...LOL.

To get to know me...I am an RN at a busy Minneapolis hospital. I love my job and love being a nurse. I am a mom of 2 children...almost 13 and 15. They are the lights of my life and provide me with enough comic relief that I get my healthy dose of belly laughs in, every day. I am a wife of 15 years, and that in itself is a reason to need the belly laughs. Just kidding dear, I love ya!

I have a passion for scrapbooking. I love anything paper and glue. It soothes me, relaxes me, and keeps me from becoming a medical/nursing geek. It shows the fun, creative side to me. Or at least I think it does. I used to teach some classes at my LSS-the Scrapbook Shop of St. Paul which is a really great store with wonderfully creative people. I got away from teaching about a year ago, and am just pleased to scrap for myself. I enter contests occasionally on line, just to keep my creative mojo going.

I share my hobby with my sister, Jacquie. She is the true creative wonder. Her style is incredible. You can see her work here at her blog. I am here with her right now. She lives in Texas and today is the last day of a 5 day visit with her. We shopped and scrapped and had a great time. I am sad to go home today, but judging the way the kids and the hubby are texting me, they miss me, and it is time to go back to reality. I am good with that. I wish I could come and visit every few months though, we have so much fun. I will post pics when I have a bit more time and a better net connection...wireless connect is low on my laptop down here.

I also am really into fitness. For those that know me, then you know that I just recently lost about 65 lbs. I am trying to lose the last 20 lbs and keep it off. That keeps me busy. Just so you know, I am having an affair with my Y's Cross Ramp Eliptical machine...(love you # 9, 10, and 11...kisses, I will see you tomorrow!) My hubby is aware of the affair, and guess what, he is ok with that...go figure?!

Well, got to go on to hanging with my sister for the last few hours of my visit. Will be back later. Have a good one! Love and hugs, Lara

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Jacquie said...

Welcome to the blog world. It has been a great visit!!! Love ya!