Sunday, April 20, 2008

computer savvy?

I scrapped today. Not as much as I would like but some. I had some fun with the Cuttlebug die I just bought. It the cutest little 2 part butterfly that you have ever seen. I cut up a bunch of scraps and just played with them. I took a picture so hopefully I can add those to this site. How fun would that be. Again, here is the computer savvy. Oh, look, I added them at the top of the post. They are there. Aren't they cute! I think I am addicted to butterflies these days. Love these!

I have been creative today though. I made a bunch of cards for the garage sale at my son's school and for conferences. They want to raise another 231 dollars for the kids to go see Tikal (ancient Mayan ruins in Guatemala). We have to raise that on top of what we already had to pay. But it is a trip of a lifetime so I say, let him raise it. I would love to go there for that, but I heard about the trip itself for Habitat for Humanity and I would be very scared--it is going to be awfully hot and dry there. I am not sure I could handle the heat. Yeah, and this coming from the woman who spent the last 6 months saying she was too cold. Only in MN, I guess.

But I digress. I am making a bunch of grad and mother's day cards to sell for the fundraiser. I am not making them too fancy, more simple, so that I can make more of them. I am using stamps a lot for them. Easy to make a bunch all at once. If I have a lot left over, I can always donate them to places that give those things out.
Speaking of computer savvy, well, I have been trying to add some slideshow of favorite layouts and I cannot get it to work. I will keep trying. I figure, if I can add the butterflies (aren't they cute?!) I can figure out the slideshow from photo bucket. Well, I must get shuteye. Work awaits tomorrow. Love and hugs and happy scrapping!

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