Tuesday, April 15, 2008

feeling a bit poor today

Ok, so I was up until 1030pm last night. Finishing printing the taxes to file today. Yes, I had to pay in this year. I actually cried like a baby about it for a mintue or two. I usually do not have too much issues with taxes but a lump sum is supposed to be coming to me, not going out of my account. Don't worry, I will be changing withholding soon, to rectify it. We are average joes and expendable irs payments are not always available. I wiped out a good portion of our savings to pay it. That in itself, feels bad. A doctor I work with says that I should feel good that I made ENOUGH $ last year to have to pay taxes but I disagree, I just think it was poor planning on my part to not have changed my withholding on my second job. I will fix it.

Enough about taxes. I am on to a mini vacation tonight until Monday. I work the second job, tomorrow and then I am just hanging at home and scrapbooking. I have a few chores planned but each and every one of them will be done with the reward of a good long scrapbooking stint. That is my reward and my relaxation.

I am toying with trying out for a design team. I really happen to like this particular site, and the people there, on the message board, are very nice and the store (online) is pretty awesome. The owner seems to have a good inventory and usually does not run out of things really fast and it seems like she gets the latest and greatest in there and usually puts in sale right away, not to mention that she has the right mix for me, of things that I usually like to buy. I have ordered from there before, several times, and really like it. I was once looking for a particular AC item, and she had it, and other places did not and I got it for less than I might have other places. But then again, I really like the smaller stores too, it seems more personable. Check it out: http://www.scrapattackscrapbooking.com/ As far as the design team, well, I am not sure if I would try it, giving it some serious thought, I mean, one never knows until one tries. I can't hardly sit on the sidelines if I am itching to put myself out there.

I have never entered anything before in this way before. I have entered contests. I have entered challenges. I have won a few contests but never actually entered a DT contest. I have wanted to, started the assignments, but then was not finishing because I was not confident enough. But I really feel like I have gotten somewhere with my confidence and have my comfort with my own work at some point in the last year. Actually, I think it was about November, after a long stretch of a creative mojo block, that things started to feel more right in my creative world. Now I think differently about it and I do not feel the block. I only feel the wonderful urge to play with paper and glue and all the fun embellishments that I have!

I must, I must, work until it is over for the week! I will be back later this week, hopefully with pictures of recent fun stuff I have done! Love and hugs!

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Jacquie said...

I think you should go for it!!