Monday, April 7, 2008

Well I am on to the next stage of April, after-Texas visit stage. I have spent the last hour putting away my clothes, and that prompted me to purge my dresser and closet again. After losing so much weight, I am constantly having to buy new/used things (that fit) and then I do not have a place for them. So I purged. 3 big garbage bags full...seems like a lot but I got rid of dress clothes, uniforms, sweats and other things that I did not purge last fall.

Part of me wanted to hold onto some of those things but they are all relatively big on me and I cannot and will not EVER fit in those again. I have vowed. The big clothes are BUBBYE--SEEYA~! If I were to keep them I could easily slip back into them at some point if I gain a few and then I will let myself go..not going to let that happen.

It is kind of like scrapbook supplies. Some things are so pretty/neat/cool that I find myself NOT using them--saving them per say. Yeah, and then 1 year later, I am still holding on to them and the excitement of having them, possessing the latest/greatest has worn off or it is seen everywhere that it is nothing new and then I don't want to use them then. SO here is to using what I have right now. RIGHT NOW. Open those packages and use somethings that I have been hoarding/coveting, etc and don't save for a rainy day. I will have to keep it up.

Coming home was fun. I am definitely on the kitties' shit list though. Sadie especially! She is going to really make me work for her affection. Torrie is doing it too. What is up with that? Puddin is the only one who is loving and welcoming to me. Maybe I will just ignore them until they come to me and just love up Puddin, who is gracious enough to let me know that he REALLY did miss me. The kids and Dave missed me too and I missed them. They are like Puddin though, they let me know how much they missed me. HMMMMPH...Sadie, you should take note of how you should welcome your mmommmy home. LOL---my son says I am a crazy cat lady, maybe he's right...Hahahaha. got to go. Gotta finish putting away all my scrap stuff that I brought from Texas. When I get situated, I will post some stuff I have done in scrapbooking lately. Love and hugs! Lara

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