Thursday, April 24, 2008


Just a quick little blurb. Got called by #1 child this the nurse's office at school. Now I know he is sick. They do not let these kids out of school unless they are half dead. He was sick on Tuesday with a fever and sore throat. Thought it was a virus. But, it is most likely mono. Yay. Poor kid.

I know he does not get enough sleep, eat right or get enough sleep. Need I say more. Perhaps the NP got somewhere with him this time. He is resting right now and he even took the vitamins that I have been trying to get him to take. He has also won his right to a day away from school, and get this...he does not want to miss out...that is what makes me worried about how sick he is. His fever is pretty high, and he is taking advil every 4-6hrs so that helps.

#2 child is doing ok. We went to Target yesterday and got her a CD player alarm clock and some relaxation CD's so that she can sleep better. She reports that she is pretty down right now and I know that she is not sleeping real well these days so hopefully that will help her out. I hear her right now, flipping through the selections. She really likes the waves and ocean one we got her, and we got her rain and thunder and then 2 Celtic relaxation and sleep CD's. They are pretty good. I really like the Celtic sound. So does DH. We listened to one of the CD's last night on the way home and he said "we better stop listening, I could get to relaxed and fall asleep while driving". It was relaxing.

I guess that is all. I have been playing around on the computer, putting together an email for a contest that I am entering. Yes, I am going to try to enter that design team contest for an online scrapbook store. I am pretty excited about it. It is the first time that I have done this but I have some great layouts that I am proud of and am excited to share. I am sure that the competition is pretty strong for these spots and I wish all that try out the best of wishes. I will be excited to see what happens!

Tomorrow is Friday. Yay! Eventhough I fear I will be working late at the hospital as I had to leave in a hurry to pick #2 child up and take him to the doctor. Tomorrow will bring what tomorrow will bring. Love and hugs.

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