Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Finally, Good at something

Ok, so I am kind of good at a lot of things but have never been spectacular at anything. Well, yesterday I got an invitation for Nurse's week saying that I have been nominated for an Ecellence in Nursing Award at my hospital. I guess that means that one or more coworker believes that I am doing a good job in my position. I was surprised, pleased, honored, etc that I was nominated.

The award will be given out on May 6, 2008. I do not know who else has been nominated for this, but even if I DO NOT get the actual award, I am incredibly honored to be recognized. I feel kind of like I am tooting my own horn, and feel like I am bragging, but it is a coveted award at my hospital, and I have always wanted to be THAT GOOD at what I do that someone would think I am worthy enough to take the time to fill out the form/write an essay to explain what they see good about my work. I am happy and heartwarmed at the fact that I have been nominated! That is all I wanted to say!

Every thing is status quo. Having inlaws here later this week. Kind of putting a stop in my chance to post some things on my blog such as some recent layouts, but I guess I will get that done later, after they leave. I also have to finish taxes and work this weekend. I am formulating some ideas in my head regarding layouts and will work on them when I have a bit more time! Looking forward to Studio Calico kit today. I will not be able to work on anything, but fondling the paper/embellishments in the kit will boost my mood! Love and hugs!

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